Creston Fire Department Stations
Creston Fire Department (CFD) has four fire stations located throughout its district. One is located near Fairmont, one is located on Lake Blaine Road, one is located on Foothills Rd and one is located on Hwy 35 in Creston. Of CFD's 8 apparatus, one is located at Fairmont (Type 2 Structure Engine), three are located at Lake Blaine station (Wildland Rescue Engine, Fire Suppression and Rescue with transport capabilities, Pumper Tanker), two are located at Mountain Brook Station on Foothills Rd. (Wildland Rescue engine, Type I Engine with Compressed Air Foam), and two are located at Creston Station on Highway 35 (Pumper Tanker with Compressed Air Foam [CAF] and Light Rescue Engine with CAF).

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Creston Mountain Brook Lake Blaine Fairmont