Posted: 3/13/2015

All of our members are encouraged to take the time to consider why they are part of Creston Fire.  I do think we do it because we like the excitement and some adrenaline rush, and I know we all like the feeling of helping others when they are having a bad day.  I also like to think that maybe we are all part of Creston Fire because we like being a positive part of our community (and by community I mean our District as a whole), a part that may not always be about driving big red trucks, running equipment that can be used to extricate people from a vehicle, stopping bleeding or doing CPR, doing an interior fire attack, etc.  There would seem to be much more to our choice of being volunteer Fire Fighters.  

Many times I have made the statement to our members that "people may/will quickly forget what you did to help them but they will long remember how you made them feel".  Yes, while our primary function of putting out fires, caring for the wounded and rescuing people from their “people” tricks has to be at the forefront, there is much more to being a volunteer Fire Fighter.  When we are, or can be, at the center of people's lives, our members strive to be the kind of Firefighters that people can look up to, not because we are Fire Fighters but because of how we make them feel.  If you choose to become a volunteer Firefighter with Creston Fire Department, I suspect you will most likely find there is much more to being a Creston Fire Fighter than being just a Fire Fighter--it is more about being a positive part of your community.

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